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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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base of that we'll talk more about spare the air and 100° heat in the forecast. first the news. developing news, pg&e crews working to restore power to more than 600 people in an east oakland neighborhood. the driver of a black suv hit a power pole and crashed into a fire hydrant causing a huge mess happened after 3 a.m. at 81st avenue and d street. 668 pg&e customers are without electricity. the suv driver fled the scene no word on when crews will be able to restore power. it could take hours. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. starting today target will begin looking for hundreds of workers who -- to staff its new store. the retailer will hold a job fair in the city. sue thompson is live at the -- is live with a preview.
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>> reporter: good news here in san francisco, especially if you are someone who has been looking for work in a matter of hours, national retailer target will open its doors behind me to start hiring literally hundreds of jobs the kick-off to a three-day job fair here at the complex. target says it wants to hire 300 people and immediately for all types of positions it going to be at the store at the met tree beyond which will be a new -- new urban prototype store called city target. target is not saying how much the positions will pay but you do not have to have retail experience. this job fair today at 11:00 this morning until 7:00 tomorrow the same time it will start at 11 and all day, saturday it will begin at 10:00. target is asking people to arrive with resumes in hand and be ready to interview. the store wants to hire people immediately so they can start
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the training process. target says the main goal is to find new employees so they don't have to transfer people from other stores. >> primarily, we are looking for new candidates. we have existing team members and of course the management team which includes myself who have previous target experience we are looking to hire 300 from the san francisco community. >> reporter: city target is slated to open on october 14th. it will offer shoppers smaller packaging of products they want to make the store easier to maneuver for people that live in the city so they can get in and out quickly. they say show up with resumes they say if you want a jump on the competition, there will be hundreds in line for these jobs, they say you can go ahead now and apply online for a lot of those positions. sue thompson, abc7 news. to the latest on the chevron refinery fire.
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chevron plans to open a claims center today for people wishing to be compensated for losses they suffered. lines stretched out the door at one attorney's office in richmond yesterday. many have called a hotline that chevron has set up to handle claims. hundreds have crowded local hospitals complaining of an assortment of health problems. >> got shortness of breath, my throat got really sore in the middle of the night and i stayed in after they told us to shelter-in-place. >> chevron in this instance believes that illegitimate claims have been filed against it there are various procedural techniques it can follow in order to get those claims thrown court. >> even though many claimed they felt sick the air quality management district points out there were no significant health conference from the air samples they've tested.
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you can call chevron about the compensation fund at: 866-260 of 7881. operators will -- staff the phones 24/7. as soon as chef ron announces the location of the office we will post that as well. -- athletes in brentwood suspended following a hazing incident. the liberty high football
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players are off the team for the season. school officials won't say what happened. the hazing included using icy hot pain relief stick in an inappropriate manner. saturday one fundraiser will be held to help the family of a high school football player in richmond who was shot and killed last weekend. yesterday a second suspect turned himself in at a probation office. he was wanted for the shooting death of the 16-year-old junior at kennedy high. he was shot while walking with a friend on west mcdonald avenue in richmond sunday night. another suspect a 29-year-old was arrested shortly after the shooting. this morning bart is back on schedule after cascading problems created system wide delays yesterday.
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bart's train tracking system failed, forcing trains to slow down. that was followed by train going through the transbay tube with emergency brake on, adding to the delays. on top of that, bart says police responding to a fight at the 12th street station slowed things down more. bart is investigating the computer glitch. bay area firefighters on high alert with high temperatures coming our way. this grass fire broke out in portola valley. at least 50 people were evacuated at nearby palo alto university. it was one of three fires, including a three acre flare-up in gilroy another caused major traffic delays on highway 101 into the evening. that fire was caused by the car hitting a power pole south of san antonio road. burned more than 100 acres of
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a hillside. firefighters say the blaze was spread by the wind with hot temperatures even hotter weather in the days ahead, staffing levels are based on what officials think the fire danger will be. >> we have additional equipment, people availability in the event that we have additional fires or this weather pattern creates additional fires. >> officials say it is the -- say it is a busy across the state. 5:09. how hot is it going to get? >> also the high fire danger, do we have that? >> we have a higher fire danger, we don't have red flag warnings because we don't have the winds, we have high temperatures and dry air. always high fire danger this time of the year since it is the dry season. low pulls up this area of low pressure continues to drag that warmer weather in its wake up towards us from the desert going to be desert-like
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with mild temperatures overnight, a few clouds at the coast spilling into san francisco most of us in the mid to upper 50s by 7:00, quickly hit mid 80s by noon inland, upper 70s bay, comfortable at coast for lunch, mid 60s through 4:00, low 80s around the bay, mid 90s hanging around at 4:00, i wouldn't be surprised if there's a few 100s this is more middle of the road forecast not the exact high temperature inland. around the 90s at 7:00, 80s around the bay, 62 at the coast. next three days, this will be our warmest temperatures around 1 100, 102 and 98 -- we could have another spare the air day friday and saturday mid 80s around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. time for an update. good morning. this accident north 680 before berryessa in the san jose area,
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chp reporting three left lanes they are working to get that out of lanes. expect some this case now in the near future while they move that out of lanes. power pole down 81st at d street east oakland, you are advised to avoid that area if possible. live look at 80 towards the bay bridge points beyond east shore freeway moving well no problems, no delays as you funnel into the toll plaza very light no metering lights no problems on the upper deck headed into san francisco. san mateo bridge obscured by construction you can see taillights headed in the westbound direction some braking towards the highrise section towards foster city. 5:11. next, new report finds student debt is hurting higher income families. some homeowners facing foreclosure may be getting help. gas prices on the rise again. i'm tahman bradley i'll
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[ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. at nature valley, nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. good morning. the burden of student debt is being felt by higher income families making between $95,000, and $200,000. a sharp rise in overall debt. mcdonald's sales dipped last month with the worst showing in nine years. the biggest burger chain in
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the world says it is feeling the effects of the sluggish economy that could spell trouble to be -- trouble for the indust street. zillow says the housing market has hit bottom. five years into the housing recession things are turning around. judge judy rules when it comes to making money. new list of highest paid tv personalities put her at the top earning 45 million a year. berkeley officials plan to pressure congress to help save downtown post office. the postal service announced plans to sell the building berkeley leaders and congresswoman lee say that post office is an integral part of the city's civic center and identity. the postal service plans to -- [ unintelligible ]
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help could be on the way for homeowners facing foreclosure. new program will allow people to remain in their home as renters. the bank won't manage the program instead it will will be handled by and development firm that would negotiate a monthly payment available in california, arizona, texas, florida, nevada and georgia. bay area gas prices on the rise and are expected to continue following this week's refinery fire in richmond. according to the latest survey, the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $4. in san jose, $3.94. the situation isn't much different in other parts of the country. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: if you are planning to use the car for one last summer vacation, brace yourself. gas prices are expected to skyrocket. >> instead of the trip we have to save up for the gas. >> reporter: nationally,
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prices have climbed 27 cents a gallon in the past month. over the next few days west could see prices go up 25 cents or more. >> oh no! how do you expect people to manage? >> it is what it is. >> reporter: break downs across the country have sent fuel traders into a panic prices soaring. refinery fire near san francisco blamed for shortage of hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil, west coast already paying the price. >> to fill up it takes $110 every time. >> reporter: midwest feeling pain too in michigan gas climbed 34 cents in one week after pipeline ruptures between wisconsin and illinois equipment problems closed parts of three refineries in illinois and indian -- and indiana. jamie blames the oil companies. >> this system is made to break. when it breaks, because there is so little inventory it lets the oil companies raise prices
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quickly and make a big profit. >> reporter: a spokesman for the group representing oil companies said, we do not know what will happen, people will make guesses we are not among them. whatever the cause, experts say high prices are here to stay at least through labor day, if not longer. tahman bradley, abc7 news. 5:18. we have a spare the air day maybe the solution partially is not to drive. >> mike? >> 100's in some areas, 60s at coast. -- here's some of the fog, low clouds hanging around the coast this morning trying to spill across the bay making it across the golden gate looking good there traffic-wise we'll talk to sue in a minute she has been following an accident there's nothing showing up on live doppler except for clear air this morning. central valley san joaquin
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valley excessive heat watch l.a. warning, temperatures are going to hit 110 to 120, that is not the worst of it, lows in the 90s. only going to cool off into the 90s that's when it gets dangerous for us 50s and 60s this morning. our first concern is the intense heat today, second is the poor air quality that comes with the stagnant air. coastal clouds comfortable for most of us tonight not as hot starting sunday. getting into the heatwave, temperatures are going to run from 60s at the coast to 100s inland. you can see some of that fog hanging around san francisco trying to push over to oakland during the morning, back by noon by the afternoon hours you can see a lot of sun along the coast 60s there, 70s and 80s around the bay, 90s and 100s inland. in the south bay upper 80s, --
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[ unintelligible ] mid 60s along the coast today, nice day sunset 67° downtown south san francisco, going to be in the mid 70s this afternoon. 78 sausalito low to mid 90s north bay valleys, 100s clear lake, ukiah and cloverdale. upper 90s concord, dublin, pleasanton everybody else touching the century mark in the east bay valleys. here's a look at tonight, 60s mainly inland in the valleys 50s for the rest of us. tomorrow and saturday a run at 100 inland possibility of spare the air again. mid 80s around the bay, 60s coast, drop four degrees
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sunday, another six degrees monday, tuesday. san jose, chp and tow crews doing a great job geting this accident. northbound 680 before berryessa lanes clear traffic should begin flowing earlier enough that there shouldn't be too much congestion. if you are heading out now, 80 to the carradineness bridge good, highway 4 out of antioch beginning to bunch up towards 242, speeds pick up into concord, 580 nice drive over the altamont pass. spare the air day, all mass transit on time, bart reporting no delays if you want do -- to do your part. marin southbound past civic center no problems. a little fog on the golden gate bridge not impairing visibility, traffic looking good. 5:21.
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>> the final journey will be here in california for space shuttle endeavour. we'll have all the details. exploring galaxies far away the largest 3-d map of the universe ever created. >> we have three more people we want to thank this morning. frank w san francisco, judy d of lafayette and amy m of san jose. you can make a difference too, just like abc7 news on facebook now and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train dream campaign. ñ!ús
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the giants wrap up four game series in st. louis this afternoon a slugfest one-way slugfest for giants who shut out cards 15-0 last night. a's have the day off to hit the road after beating angels 9-89 at the coliseum yesterday. the a's take on -- white sox in chicago. recovery wishes continue to pour in for the first man to walk on the moon neil armstrong is recover going heart surgery he turned 82 days ago. he landed on the moon in 19690 spent three hours on a moon walk with fellow astronaut aldrin who sent armstrong a get well treat and riched armstrong a quick recovery. >> one small step for man one giant leap for man kind. if a few weeks drivers in los angeles will have to share the road with a retired space
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traveler. nasa has unveiled plans to remove endeavour. after endeavour lands at l.a.x. on the back of a 747 it will begin a two day 12 mile trip through city streets slow moving transporters will edge the shuttle along at two miles an hour on average. if all goes as planned, endeavour will hit streets in early october. you think you have traffic jams now. >> just wait. nasa has released more images of mars taken by rover. these hills are part of the rim of the crater. if you look really closely you can see two dark circular patches in the foreground. these are marks left by rover's crane. this after the mast was lived yesterday for the first time. you can see the mast shadow on the ground there. curiosity landed on mars monday, the robot will go to the base of the crater where
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it is expected to find rocks, billions of-years-old -- billions of years old that hopefully will show the existence of water. to most of us this looks like snowflakes what you are seeing is a fly through of the universe if you know where to find them you can see gal sees and black holes the map was produceed by the sloan digital sky survey it will include data that will enable scientists to measure positions of millions of galaxies. >> when we become space tourists we'll know what to expect. >> we will. next, chevron talks sails for people affected by the fire in richmond this week. contra costa county gets ready to decide whether to increase jail population. why many law enforcement and community officials are opposed to the idea.
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if you are looking for work or someone you know s now hiring. hundreds of jobs up for grabs starting today for a soon to open target store. we'll have details here you go little man.
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. good morning. a spare the air day thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. temperatures will soar as the sun comes down. going to start with a spare the air good morning. going to coincide with where the warmest temperatures are in the east bay valleys, that's where we will find the poorest air quality this afternoon not far behind the santa clara valley you may have poor air quality tomorrow. mild at the coast today, mostly sunny, mid to upper 60s there around the bay hot in some spots, from 78 to 87
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temperatures inland will be hotter than yesterday under sunshine, 92 on the low end, 102 on the high end. today residents who suffered in monday's chevron refinery fire will learn more on how to get compensated. an important announcement is coming from chevron. katie marzullo is live at the richmond refine write new information on the huge number of people that may -- refinery with new information on the huge number of people tat may be lining up. >> reporter: thousands and thousands some have already called the hotline. today chevron is expected to announce the location of a physical office where people can file claims. we've already seen long lines. this is the richmond office of personal injury attorney nick haney. three thousand people have already sought his help in the last three days, two days really since the fire broke out monday they say they are suffering ill effects from the
5:31 am
fire. there are some in the community who say people are taking advantage. >> you know, i try to do what i can to make sure they are all legitimate. if you ask me, is there any one of them that came here that didn't feel the affects of the fire? i cannot guarantee that. all i can do is do the best i can to we, d them out. >> i suffer from asthma. -- sky 7 hd shows massi monday fire. chevron says it will be compensating people for health problems, property damage, loss of work or loss of business. people are claiming all of the above. the bay area air quality management district says it has been testing the air since the fire broke out their samples show no significant issues that could cause health problems. physical office set up today.
5:32 am
hotline set up. that number in a second. i just called that number, it is a fully staffed 24/7 hotline. katie marzullo, abc7 news. that number: 866-260-7881. we've posted the number on our website click on the see it on tv link as soon as chevron announces the location of the fund office we will post that. another fire broke out at the chevron refinery yesterday. sky 7 hd was over the scene. a pipe damaged in monday's fire began leaking and sparked the flames. crews put it out within minutes. chevron's fire chief says it might not be the last. >> i would like to caution everybody that as there has been fire there and damage,
5:33 am
there still is the opportunity and the risk that an additional small fire could break out in some of these lines that have been damaged. at this time the fire is completely out. >> chevron firefighters are standing by to make sure there aren't any more problems until crews can get in to cleanup the unit. a vote will take place this morning to decide if contra costa county will increase its jail population to hold convicts who usually serve in state prison. the state has given contra costa 19 million dollars as part of governor brown's realignment program that shifts many low level offenders from state prison to county jail to save money. sheriff live wants to add 150 beds to the west county jail in richmond. many community leaders believe the money would be better spent on alternative sentencing programs. target is holding a three-day job fair in san francisco starting this morning to higher hundreds for its new store opening at the
5:34 am
metreon come -- complex. the company is looking to add 300 new employees. the new target store at the metreon complex is expected to open in october it will occupy 85,000 square feet on the second floor or half the size of a standard suburban target. sue thompson will have a live preview coming up at 6:00. crews spent several hours overnight trying to stop the spread of west nile in one part of santa clara con the fogging after adult mosquitoes found in and around los altos, los altos hills and mountain view, testified positive for the disease. vector control points out it is essential to eradicate adult mosquitoes carrying west nile in order to keep humans from getting the disease. elderly and people with compromised immune systems face the biggest risk. that population also face
5:35 am
the biggest risk from spare the air days. >> let's find out where unhealthiest air levels will be. going to be in the east bay valleys. good morning. problem east bay valleys and santa clara valley tomorrow and maybe again saturday that's how long this hot area of high pressure is going to hang around. area of low pressure, eureka in the 60s rest of the state in the 80s to 100s they get the onshore flow. 49 santa rosa at 7:00, 60 antioch. everybody in else in the 50s clouds along the coast some spilling across -- -- by noon, temperatures in the 60s along the coast, 70s bay, 80s and 90s already hot lunch for a few folks will remain hot 70s
5:36 am
and 80s bay, 64 half moon bay, 71 san francisco at 4:00. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, clouds gathering there at 7:00. 70s and near 80 around the bay, 80s and 90s at 7:00 inland valleys. today the first day of 100s inland we could do it again friday and saturday tapering sunday into the mid and upper 90s. 80s around the bay all three days, 60s at the coast. good morning. spare the air day mass transit great way to do your part. no free transit rides everybody is on time and no delays for any profrps of any delays at this point at this time northbound mckey on-ramp big rig tire bopping around in lanes be aware of that drivers are swerving to avoid that. elsewhere, little fog you can see settling down on the golden gate bridge. not hurting visibility too
5:37 am
much but coming out of the waldo tunnel across the span traffic light moving into san francisco on the golden gate. beginning to get a little heavier on the east shore freeway headed westbound towards the macarthur maze past golden gate fields through berkeley and emeryville no major delays bay bridge toll. bull morning sun beginning to -- traffic is moving at the limit towards the toll, metering lights off incline section looking good no problems through the tunnel into san francisco next, anaheim residents try to change the way city councilmembers are chosen in the wake of two recent police shootings. why attorneys representing several news organizations are going before a colorado judge today over documents in last month's movie theater shootings. >> bay area muslims observe
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ramadan under cloud of concern. holiest time of the year interrupted by a hate crime. release me, momigus!
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5:41 am
james holmes is charged with multiple counts of first degree murder and attempted mur. the july 20th, shooting left 12 dead and injured 58 during a midnight showing of the new batman movie in aurora. court officials say holmes is expected to show up at today's hearing. anaheim residents intend to try again after the city council rejected a plan that community leaders believe would make local government more responsive. the proposal called for having voters select city councilmembers by district instead of the currencies tell of city wide elections. activists believe would it give anaheim's latino community a stronger voice. the vote came after two police shootings. the mother of one of the young men spoke last night >> it is time to make a change in anaheim. it is time to make a difference in the neighborhoods of anaheim.
5:42 am
give the children a chance to grow in a healthy environment. >> anaheim only has one person of hispanic heritage on it -- boys face hate crime charges after hayward police say they harassed muslims in the mosque. mosque members say the boys pelted the building with oranges and lemons, several members chased the suspects and held them until police arrived. the mosque president claims it is the forth time his congregation has been harassed during ramadan islam's holiest month. >> as soon as we start prayers they start throwing things, take our shoes away. >> a boy claiming to be one of suspects spoke to alan wang last night and told alan he was remorseful about what happened. he said he has to serve six
5:43 am
months of community service and he's thinking about doing it at the mosque. 5:44. next, foreclosures on the decline. is that true in your neighborhood? bloomberg business report coming up. should users be concerned about privacy? google unveils new feature that searches a person's g-mail account. tropical storm ernesto is strengthening again. we'll have the latest on
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welcome back. 60s to 73 in san francisco, 80s around the bay shore 90s and 100s inland today. doppler quiet across the entire state. thunderstorms possible in the high country especially around yosemite 101, 100s -- 92 in l.a., 80 in san diego, 87 in big sur and tahoe. weekend forecast upper 80s in lake tahoe a lot of sun thunderstorms possible again tomorrow in yosemite in the 100s through the weekend. southern california pretty warm at least tomorrow and saturday in the 90s around l.a. and 80 for san diego. >> >> 5:48. this morning a scientist who suffered a medical emergency in antarctica is in
5:47 am
new zealand after a dramatic rescue the unidentified patient was picked up yesterday at the research station by an australian medivac team and flown to christ church because of privacy issues the patient's name, nationality and medical issue aren't being released. the mission had been put on hold while the team waited for a break in the winter weather that was 13 below zero yesterday. there was a similar rescue a stroke patient last year. in 1999 an american doctor with breast cancer was airlifted out. google has unveiled a feature that personalized web searches by tapping into g-mail account searchers can mine information inside stored g-mail mess -- -- messages. google has addressed privacy concerns by requiring users to sign in before their g-mail
5:48 am
accounts can be included in searches. clicking like on facebook should be an act of constitutionally protected free speech the position of attorneys forever facebook and american civil liberties union. they claim clicking like is the 21st century equivalent of putting a campaign sign on your front lawn the attorneys are appealing a case of a virginia ply i who they claim was fired for -- employee who they claim was fired. tropical storm ernesto getting chose to hurricane strength as it hovers over open water in gulf coast. it is expect told stay chose to shore as it moves west raising threat of flooding along the coast. ernesto is expected to come ashore in the gulf of mexico in veracruz. the national hurricane center says that should happen late this afternoon or early
5:49 am
evening. today high pressure, spare the air, high heat. let's go home. [ talking over each other ] high pressure steered ernesto into mexico more into texas where they need the rain high pressure bringing heat from texas. good morning. a few clouds trying to make eight cross san francisco this morning. you can see how low the inversion is. the pollution, low clouds, moisture trapped almost six, seven hundred feet going to get warmth building quickly. quiet outside dry start to your morning with most clouds hanging out over the coast. temperatures now 60 to 65° range -- 61 gilroy, monterey bay low to mid 50s.
5:50 am
intense heat our first highlight, poor air quality, clouds at the coast comfortable for all of us tonight not as hot inland starting sunday poor air quality inland valleys of the east bay today, everybody else moderate to good as you head towards the coast in the north bay two degrees warmer in oakland to four degrees warmer in san jose, 99 in concord, 96 santa rosa, san jose 91, heat spreading out not making it to the coast 64 today pacifica, 80 oakland. 102 brentwood, 38° spread from the coast to inland east bay valleys. concord, dublin and pleasanton, 98 or 99, everybody else 100. berkeley 78, low to mid 80s east bay shore. south bay mix of upper 80s to low 90s.
5:51 am
low to mid 80s most of the peninsula, 87 possible palo alto, 78 on the other end at millbrae. mid 60s along the coast, mid 70s downtown south san francisco to 78 sausalito, mid to upper 60s with sun across the north bay beeps. hot inland mid to upper -- bay beaches. hot inland mid to upper 90s. watsonville and salinas, mid to upper 70s. mid to upper 60s carmel and monterey along with pacific -- 50s everywhere except for the areas where we have 60s this morning east bay valleys and parts of the south bay another run at 100 tomorrow inland and saturday, poor air quality both days mid 80s around the bait 60s to near 70 coast temperatures drop four to 10° by monday and hold steady through tuesday and wednesday. san jose traffic 680
5:52 am
before alum rock big rig tires out of lanes they were in the lanes and bouncing around for a little bit, chp put that warning out. 880 southbound oakland before high, solo spin-out blocking slow lane. drive times on the san mateo bridge headed from hayward towards foster city, 13 minutes. 101 from the peninsula towards san francisco still less than 20 minutes. altamont pass is light as you head out. live shot of san jose, 280 snaking northbound past 17 interchange towards cupertino traffic flowing nicely. fog on the golden gate bridge going to be burning according to mike, in a little bit, cooler there, no problems on the bridge a little limited visibility off the waldo grade. bull ride into san francisco, bay bridge toll metering lights remain off.
5:53 am
5:54. labor department just released weekly jobs report. unemployment claims fell by 6,000 last week signaling modest improvement in the job market. >> here's jane king. foreclosure activity down for the 22nd straight month. more distressed props are about to hit the market. foreclosures -- [ unintelligible ] mixed closed for stocks yesterday dow up longest gain since june. postal service has said it is losing a million dollars an hour. lawmakers are watching to see if things could get worse.
5:54 am
scheduled to give an update today on when it will run out of money temporarily before making some back during the christmas holiday many i'm jane king. -- >> a scary moment for a passenger on an alaska airlines flight traveling from burbank to seattle. the passenger looked out the window and saw what looked like a damaged area on the wing with a handwritten note saying, we know about this. you can see it cut in the wing flap. this happened july 28th. the airline says everything was okay, maintenance tech was writing that note to let the flight crew know an approved repair had been done. the airline says the message was someone's good intentions but note did not follow company procedures. the wing will be permanently repaired in october. utah sheriff's sergeant had a day he will never for last weekend he he was -- he he was called to help a moose tangled in a swing set
5:55 am
and struggled to breathe. he called wildlife officials for help but they were an hour away. he approached with a pair of bolt cutters, he gave the homeowner his cell phone to record the event in case something happen. took a few tries, everything worked out. the moose wandered off and lied down exhausted. i'm sure the sergeant could use a rest too. next, we are continuing to follow developing news from the east bay hit-and-run driver sends a geyser of water into the air and leaves a neighborhood in the dark. update from pg&e we'll have details. potentially lifesaving feature.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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